Help the best hospitality professionals excel with the best clients


Your Local International Hospitality Recruiter

With our offices located in Marbella, Spain we are surrounded by some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Europe, all of which demand the best from their staff.

There is a highly experienced workforce of English-speaking hospitality professionals who are looking to expand their careers abroad. We help them find rewarding opportunities with the finest luxury hotel jobs in Ireland.


Over 35 Years of Experience

Sagesa Hospitality is part of a larger group with 35 years’ experience in personnel resourcing in Spain. We are integrated in the local business community and provide staffing solutions to international hotel brands and luxury developments.

Our consultants are an international team of Irish, Spanish and English experts, all with established experience of Spain’s hospitality industry and hotel jobs in Ireland.

We are a respected and trusted brand in Spain and operate a successful Healthcare Recruitment business, sending healthcare professionals to Ireland for many years. The logistics of international recruitment are second nature to us.


We Understand Hotel Recruitment

Finding the right candidate for a position in the high end hotel job market is about more than advertising in a wide net. We have analysed the needs of our clients market segment and work with our select partners to identify those matching the ‘ideal persona’.

Our candidates have the highest level of training and experience in 5 star brands and we understand any move must benefit their careers. Using our ‘ideal persona’ we can confidently recommend the right hotel jobs in Ireland to the hospitality professional.

We understand how to ensure the right hotel job is matched with the best hospitality.


360° Connected Recruitment

Our candidate sourcing network is based on personal relationships, with constant feedback
on the candidate’s placement experience. We take this same approach with our clients
where we work together to review the process.

Sagesa Hospitality applies best practice principals during the procurement lifecycle.


Prospective candidates have
access to a free online
detailing all aspects
of the hiring process,
information on the destination
and comprehensive checklist of
requirements when they arrive
with the client.

This is continuously updated
with valuable informative


All candidates are thoroughly
vetted before being presented
to the client which allows for a
faster hiring decision and
candidate expectations.

Reducing the delay until a start
date results in considerable
long term financial savings
for both the client and
hospitality professional.


From the initial interview to well after their first day on the job we work
with all stakeholders to ensure
all parties remain updated,
confident and happy.

We act as the trusted entity for
all parties and will ensure client,
candidate and procurement
source find value in our