Find the hospitality professional you need


We Know the Local Hotel Job Market

Forming a partnership with Sagesa Hospitality is opening a door to a new candidate market unlike any other. We locally enjoy some of the finest resort and largest hotel brands who have developed a market of high quality, experienced hotel staff.

We give you access to these hospitality professionals.

Access to Select Hospitality Recruitment Networks for Hotel Jobs

Not only does the Costa del Sol offer hotel jobs to staff locally, it also has excellent hospitality and catering schools with eager and experienced graduates looking to move their career internationally. We work with these institutions to place the professionals into hospitality jobs in Ireland.


We will give you access to unique recruitment opportunities

  • Global, private alumni network from one of the top hospitality schools
  • Private Spanish social networks for hospitality professionals
  • Member access to professional associations including chefs, receptionists and concierge

Reduced Time to Placement

The candidates who you interview are all prevetted to ensure their experience, training and work ethic is a suitable match for your business. References are reviewed, and the important questions asked to match them to the correct role.

By only presenting candidates who fulfill pre interview criteria we can fill the vacancy in your hotel faster.

We commit to presenting a suitable candidate to join within your timeframe.

Hotel Job Fairs and Private Recruitment Events

We have run successful international recruitment events in Spain and regularly have stands at industry conferences and exhibitions. Our local relationships also mean we have been asked to present at hospitality schools about working in Ireland and showcase client hotel jobs directly to graduates.

Agile and Modern Partnership

As we are a small but highly experienced company we can work with your needs no matter how demanding. Our ability to adapt or expand the procurement funnel easily and accurately is a powerful tool for you.

Our process is highly integrated with all social and professional online platforms with certified campaign builders who can present your role to targeted audiences. We use the latest candidate capturing techniques to pinpoint specific hospitality professionals or groups. Our custom audiences are constantly researched and revised for maximum effectiveness.