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Sagesa is a Spanish company with over 35 years of experience in personnel resourcing in Malaga. Our clients include Marriott Vacation Club, Don Carlos and La Cala Resort. We are curently focused on the Irish market to meet the huge demand of hotel jobs currently available


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Our team is international and experienced which allows us to offer such a high standard of care in the process. We have been looking for ways to help hospitality professionals find ways to easily access this knowledge on the go.

The Knowledge Base will aim to answer all and any questions you may have about hospitality recruitment in Ireland, how to find a hotel job in Ireland and what the process is.

Please contact us with questions you may have, and we will add the answers to the resource.

How to Apply for a Hotel Job

If you see a role on the job page feel free to apply with your current CV or call us for more information. The stages from applying to working in a hotel job in Ireland are easy and straight forward. 


  • All advertisements will list mandatory requirements and additional preferred experience and skills. It is a
    good idea to make sure your CV highlights anything specified.
  • Once we have your application, we will review it and assess your potential for the role. 
  • We discuss your goals and career objectives. If we believe you are a good match for the role we will request and review
    your suporting documentation.
  • Once your information has been verified will submit your information to the client along with our
    recommendations on your suitability.

Interview and more

  • The client sends their feedback. If they want to interview, we will arrange the time – this is usually over Skype. If they decline to interview, we will let you know why and help to edit your CV further. 
  • After the interview we inform you of the client’s feedback. If you are successful at the interview you will receive an offer of employment. We provide constructive feedback regardless of outcome.
  • If you are successful we help you prepare everything for your new hotel job. This includes confirming contracts, obtaining all documentation and acting as a conduit to the client.
  • We plan the logistics of your travel to Ireland to start your new hospitality career with the client. They will prepare arrival care, orientation and training with our supervision.