10 Reasons to Move to Ireland

Thinking of moving to Ireland? You’re not alone! Many people are thinking about moving to Ireland for work or simply because it’s a fantastic place to live! Ireland is attracting people from all backgrounds and ages and here’s why:

1. The Amazing New Food Scene

“Local produce, authentic experience” is the mantra of Ireland’s revolutionary food scene.  The talented local producers and new up and coming chefs and are to thank for the big changes going on in the Irish culinary scene.

2. The Wild Atlantic Way (forget Highway 101!)

Forget California’s Highway 101, The Wild Atlantic Way is the new coastal drive on everyone’s bucket list! Explore the 2500km of roads across soaring cliffs, thorough buzzing towns, and find hidden beaches and epic bays.

3. World-class Festivals and Concerts

Everything from modern artists to the traditional music scene is renowned in Ireland. Opera, Art, Dance, Culture, Pop, Food – Ireland celebrates it all!

4. Outdoor Lifestyle, Sports and Hobbies

Think you’ll only leave your house to go to the pub? IMPOSSIBLE! There are so many reasons to enjoy the outdoors in Ireland – world class surfing, golfing, hiking, riding, kayaking…the list goes on!

5. The Incredible Culture

Everything your think you know (language, sports, literature, arts, dance, music..) and much much more!

6. Castles Castles Castles

Ireland reportedly has over 3000 castles! If you’re a history buff or simply enjoy taking in their magic we know you’ll find their landscape enchanting.

7. Tea and Barmbrack

“Sit down there and relax while I go wet the tea.” Magic words you’ll get used to hearing. Add a slice of barmbrack you’ll be there for hours.

8. World Class Education in Ireland

Google, Apple, Facebook all gravitated to Ireland for it’s skilled local labor market and it is a great place to do business.

9. The Language

Ireland is fast becoming a preferred destination for people to learn English whilst studying full time or as they work. Why risk the uncertainty of the UK when you can practice and improve your English in Ireland!

10. The People, the Humor, the Craic!

As always, the people make the place! The Irish sense of humor is known all over the world and you won’t have more fun or adventures than when you’re in Ireland.

To find out about how to make you big move to Ireland contact Sagesa Hospitality.

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