Job vacancies in the Irish hospitality and particularly the hotel sector increased by almost 200% from 2017.

Now that’s some increase.

According to a report by recruitment firm, there has been an incredible increase in the demand for hotel workers, including but not limited to hotel chefs, bartenders, waiters, receptionists, porters, cocktail mixologists and concierges had all increased.

Booming Hospitality Recruitment Sector

The report showed that demand for the services of cooks in hotel jobs in Ireland increased by 149 percent in the past five years, while hotel bartenders, concierges and mixologists have also seen an 80 percent increase in the demand for their jobs in 2017, as compared to the previous year. Hospitality recruitment is on the increase without immediate solutions.

Chef Jobs in Ireland - Hospitality Recruitment Dublin

In addition to this incredible demand, the entire hospitality sector contributed an estimated €7.2 billion to the total economy of Ireland and 235,000 jobs.

The increase in demand for hotel jobs is due to a wide array of factors.

The first is an increase in the tourist industry. According to reports the Irish tourism market has seen an increase of 7 percent year on year in 2018. The average length of stay has also reduced meaning higher footfall in the properties.

There are already significant shortages at new hotels opening up in Dublin and Cork despite hospitality recruitment drives.

Opportunity for Foreign Hospitality Staff

Another factor is the shortage of general hospitality skills in Ireland. The country has a remarkable shortage of people with hospitality skills and cannot train enough professionals nationally.

However, while this skill shortage is something that might cause some concern for the Irish hotel industry, it does present a unique opportunity for foreigners. The possibility of moving your hospitality skills to Ireland means that you will be able to easily come into the country and earn a sizeable income.

So what are you waiting for?

Hospitality Recruitment Choices

Ireland is a country that is ripe for the accommodation of people with unique and effective hospitality skills, and Sagesa Hospitality can be your effective partner in securing the dream hotel job that you want.

Sagesa Hospitality is a hospitality recruitment company that offers catering and hotel jobs exclusively.

We have a simple goal: to help the best hospitality professionals excel in careers with the best clients. To achieve this we follow honest, simple concepts:

  • Leverage our location in Spain to build a candidate network of experienced hotel staff
  • To work with local catering and hospitality schools to help graduates move overseas
  • To assess the needs of the role, the client and the candidate to ensure a successful placement
  • Use our years of experience in recruiting from Spain to Ireland to ensure that all logistical planning is a formality
  • To build out our intangible experience into a knowledge base to help educate the market on working in Ireland
  • To offer our clients unrestricted access to our network

Essentially, we match the right hotels with the right staff, ensuring that every party is satisfied at the end.Hotel Jobs Ireland - Hospitality Recruitment Dublin

At Sagesa Hospitality, we take the need of our clients very seriously. We ensure that every job seeker that comes to us is able to get a proper means of employment within a matter of months, and you can rest assured that you will be no different. Rest assured that we will take all of your requirements into consideration when looking for the right hotel for you to work with, and we’ll do all we can to ensure your satisfaction. The hospitality recruitment partner is one

Ready to get into the booming Irish hotel industry? Feel free to contact us and let’s begin.