5 Reasons to be a Chef in Ireland

Ireland is in the middle of a food revolution being lead by unbeatable local produce, talented chefs and restaurant owners. Chefs from all over the world are moving to Ireland to be part of a food movement that is changing the landscape of Irish food forever. Here are our 5 top reasons to be a chef in Ireland: 

1. The Best Food Produce in the World

Ireland’s dairy industry has already reached global recognition. Building on it’s success comes a wide range of regional produce embracing ‘nose to tail’ and ‘farm to table’ philosophy. World class cheeses, charcuterie, smoked salmon, red meats, oils, grains, herbs and much much more to discover on your food adventure in Ireland.

 2. The Incredible New Food Scene

Think you know what Irish food is all about? Think again! Vogue magazine said “Ireland is in prime position to become the next big European food destination”. Dive into in one of the current sixteen Michelin starred restaurants. Be part of the hotel restaurant revolution or explore the award winning rural gastro-pubs. You’ll see for yourself how exciting, variable and innovative the food scene across Ireland truly is.

Chef Ireland Food

3. Local Produce, Authentic Experience

The heart of the Irish kitchen is the simple ‘farm to table’ embrace of local produce. It’s all about a truthful, authentic celebration of the organic riches of the island. Kilkenny duck, Dublin Bay prawns, foraged seaweed in Galway and Connemara smoked salmon are all elevating Ireland onto the culinary world stage.

Chef Ireland Experience

4.The Seafood Movement

It can’t be called a phase because seafood has always played a role in Ireland’s kicthens but chef’s are bringing it back to centre stage! It began in Galway where Atlantic langoustine, crab, mussels and of course oysters inspired a new wave of chefs to fly the flag for fish in Ireland.

Chef Ireland Seafood

5. Chefs are very Welcome in Ireland

This culinary explosion has put pressure on an already high demand for chefs in Ireland. Figures from the Restaurant Association of Ireland show an urgent need for 5,000 new professional chefs each year by 2020. To attract chefs in this competitive environment employers are offering great opportunities and benefits for chefs working in Ireland.

Chef Ireland Welcome

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