Considering a Hotel Job in Ireland? 5 Things You Might Want to Know!

Considering a Hotel Job in Ireland? 5 Things You Might Want to Know!

Ireland is a fabulous place to work. It has an exciting food scene, many new hotels and a roaring tourist industry. What is it like to work in Ireland when it comes to healthcare, tax, travel and holidays? Find out right here!
These are 5 things to know when working in hotel jobs in Ireland:

  1. Healthcare for Hotel Jobs in Ireland

    The public healthcare system in Ireland is the Health Service Executive (HSE). As an EU national you’ll be seen in HSE hospitals for emergency care when you arrive in Ireland. Ireland does not have universal healthcare. For non-emergency care you may need to pay to see doctor depending on your financial circumstances. Low income earners can apply for medical cards which entitle them to free healthcare. Apart from the public health system, almost half of the people in Ireland have private heath insurance.

  2. TAX

    When you are directly employed in Ireland you’re taxed under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. Your salary is taxed directly so you receive your wages after tax has been deducted. Your tax amount depends on your income and personal circumstances. Each person gets tax credits to reduce their tax. You can also claim tax relief from private health insurance premiums, mortgage interest, medical expenses, rent etc.

    For example, in 2019, a single person will pay tax at 20% up to €35.300 and 40% on the balance.  You can use this table to calculate you tax based on potential income and circumstances.

  3. Holidays

    The minimum amount of holiday for an employee is set by legislation. Your employer may offer added entitlements depending on your hotel job in Ireland. This will be in your contract. The minimum amount of annual leave is 4 weeks.  An employee who has worked at least 1,365 hours in a ‘leave year’ (march to April) is entitled to the maximum of 4 working weeks’ paid leave. There are 9 public holidays in Ireland.

  4. Transport

    Rail: Irish Rail  run all rail services. The DART is a coastal rail service in Dublin popular with commuters as an easy and cheap way to travel to work.
    Tram: The Luas is the tam network in Dublin. It connects west and southern Dublin with the centre and is also a cheap and easy way to travel to your hotel job in Ireland.
    Bus: Dublin Bus run all bus networks in Dublin. Look at Bus Eireann for national services.
    Cars: Outside of major cities public transport is unreliable and most people will drive to work.

  5. Accommodation

    Short term accommodation in Ireland is very good. Lots of affordable temporary accommodation options such as B&B’s (Bed and Breakfasts). You can search for someplace to stay near your hotel job on www.BandBireland.com .
    The Irish property rental market has a relatively small inventory. Property moves quick so it is important to begin your search in good time. When house hunting we recommend using the following websites www.daft.ie and www.myhome.ie.
    The cost of living in Dublin is higher than other cities and towns in Ireland.

For more information about living and working in a hotel job in Ireland contact Sagesa Hospitality here.  Sagesa Hospitality provide staffing solutions to international hotel brands and luxury developments. For our latest job offers click here.

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